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Gender inequality continues to be ever-present in the workplace

We have already discussed the major obstacle that some companies experience in bringing women into the workplace and investing time and money in their training, while fearing that they will lose these skills when the women leave to raise their … Continue reading

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Flexibility in the workplace – a move towards making gender equality a reality

Having looked in some detail at how women fare in the workplace, it is perhaps necessary to evaluate how our economy and conditions of work are structured and how these should be changed in the 21st century.  Already we know … Continue reading

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Women in Business – How does Equality measure up?

Most of us will spend more time at work than at any other place.  At work, ideally, we develop our capacity to think, to create, to provide and to care for others.  This is a different way of looking at … Continue reading

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Equality of the genders in the workplace

The workplace remains one of the most problematic areas for women in term of inequality.  Discrimination still continues to exist, even in first world countries like the United States.  As discussed in a previous article, many companies still favour employing … Continue reading

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Women and motherhood

Reverence for, and protection of, motherhood have often been used as justification for keeping women socially and economically disadvantaged.  It is this discriminatory and injurious result that must change.  Great honour and nobility are rightly conferred on the station of … Continue reading

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